In Memory of Nicole

Nicole Leann Chauvet was born April 26, 1990 in Canonsburg, PA. The Nicole Chauvet Scholarship Foundation was established to honor Nicole, who was needed in Heaven and left us on November 1, 2009, much sooner than we wanted.

She started dancing at the age of two and began her life as a Cheerleader in second grade. Nicole cheered for Canon-McMillan Elementary and Middle School Football. She was a “Lil Mac Cheerleader” for 7 years and then went on to cheer with the Canon-McMillan High School Cheerleading Squad for 4 years. Cheering was Nicole’s passion and she continued that passion into college where she became a Penn State Cheerleader.

Nicole attended Penn State University (Altoona Campus) majoring in Education. She was very excited about becoming a teacher, and aspired to become a Principal, believing that teaching in general was a very noble profession.

Nicole’s second love was Journalism. She loved to read and proofread, pointing out all the mistakes. Even as a small child, Nicole would choose to go to Barnes and Noble to celebrate her birthdays with the family.

Nicole will be remembered for her loving personality, her contagious smile, her wonderful outlook on life, her free spirit, and most of all the way she touched the lives of so many people. We know she will look down from Heaven with a big smile each time we award a scholarship check in her memory to a deserving student.

Her Favorites:

  • Color – Pink
  • Place to Eat – Max & Ermas and Panera
  • Food – Pierogies & Mac n’ Cheese
  • Snack – Fruit Snacks
  • Flower – White Daisies
  • Holiday – New Years Eve
  • Music – EVERYTHING including Country
  • Singers – Miley Cyrus & Taylor Swift
  • Vacation Spots – ANY Beach & New York City
  • Sports – Hockey/Penguins & Kris Letang
  • Person – Joe Paterno
  • Best Friends – Her brother Ryan and Chloe
  • TV Show – American Idol, Regis & Kelly, Desperate Housewives
  • Movies – Mean Girls
  • Scary Movies – All the Saw Movies
  • Movie When She Was Young – Luck of the Irish
  • Hobby – Cheering
  • Past Times – Shopping and Hanging out with Family and her Friends, Watching Movies over and over and over again AND FaceBook and Twitter
  • Favorite Stuffed Animal – Her Cheetah
  • Favorite Print for Everything – Cheetah

There is a Star named after Nicole in the International Star Registry:
Ursa Major (The Big Bear) RA 11h38m37s D 50°27′
Her star is part of the Nicole Cloe Group, named after Nicole’s very close friend Chloe.

Nicole & Chloe
Nicole & Chloe