Nicole’s Memory Garden

Before this was created, the big area in the center contained our above ground swimming pool where Nicole and Ryan swam for 16 years.  As they grew older, the pool was used less often, and we decided to dismantle it and remove it completely.  But what to put in its place? We all discussed several ideas,  but hadn’t come to a final decision of exactly what to do with this empty space.

Then the unthinkable happened that fall, we lost Nicole.  The most tragic thing that could happen to a parent.  As the springtime rolled around, we knew instantly what we wanted to do with the big hole in our yard, and we set out to design Nicole’s Memory Garden.   In the center we placed a lovely water fountain, which is the focal point of the garden.  Nicole loved the beach, so we chose a seashell themed fountain which we thought would be perfect.    Surrounding it are a variety of pink flowers, Nicole’s favorite color, which brings life and beauty to the entire space.  Her family and friends all took part in its creation, and gathered at our home to each make a heart-shaped stepping stone, which is now the pathway to enter her garden.

Every spring and summer we enjoy planting, working in the garden and watching the flowers grow!  The garden, which can be viewed from our back deck, gives us yet another way to feel connected to our Nicole!  The running fountain is heart warming.  You are welcome to stop by anytime to meander through it, as we love sharing it with those that loved Nicole.