Lisa Chauvet (Mom)

When Nicole was in 11th grade, she had to bring something in for French Class for show and tell. The entire presentation had to be delivered in French. Her first choice was to take her “blanky” that she had since birth and went everywhere with her, even to college. You can only imagine what it looked like after all those years. I talked her out of it and she ended up taking her second love, Calliope, her cat. When cleaning out a desk drawer in our gameroom, we came across the rough draft that she wrote for her blanket, which we never saw since I talked her into taking her cat. It is as follows:

“My Blanket is my most prized possession. I sleep with it every night. I take it on vacations and to sleepovers. I’ve had it since I was a baby. Her name is blanky. If I lose it, I make everyone look for it or I can’t fall asleep. My friends and family laugh at me for it. One time my friend, “Norma” hid it, then I got mad at her.”