A Poem by Chad Hagan

Nicole Leann Chauvet
This was a girl with such a big heart,
She’s always been a kid from birth, where we start.
You’d never catch her without a smile on her face,
When you saw this beautiful thing you were put in a better place.

When you’d hear her voice and what she had to say
You would then realize this girl is beautiful, beautiful in every way.
She meant so much to us all,
Because when you were with her she made sure you had a ball.

Her spirit was always high, never down.
She got this from cheering, where she always flew around.
There are many alike in this world, except one
The Angel Nicole Chauvet, she was second to none.

People thought she was weird in things she would do,
But what was weird was the way Nicole treated you.
Never started anything or mean to anyone
Nicole was truly a girl who just wanted to have fun.

She was loved by so many, which isn’t very odd
She touched many, obviously even God.

She’s going to be so hard to live without.
But knowing Nicole she’d never want any of us to pout.

She can never be forgotten by friends with whom she was apart
She’ll never leave my memories, she’ll never leave my heart.

Her parents couldn’t have raised a better kid
They’re the ones who knew exactly how Nicole lived.

Our hearts ache in loss of one we all love
One thing is true, she will be watching us from above.

November 1, 2009 we will never forget
We love Nicole, this is not hard to admit.

Words cannot describe you, so here’s the last thing I’ll say…